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Industry Leaders that Rely on Sonoscan

• All of the top 10 global semiconductor companies
• Nine of the top 10 automotive semiconductor companies
• Seven of the top 10 defense contractors
• Four of the top 5 MEMS manufacturers

Industry Leadership

Since its inception, Sonoscan has remained the most trusted authority on the application of Acoustic Micro Imaging (AMI) technology for nondestructive internal inspection and analysis. Sonoscan systems are recognized as the benchmark for accuracy, and through our SonoLab™ division, you’ll benefit from the unmatched expertise of our dedicated acoustic applications engineers.

Sonoscan’s founder and president, Dr. Lawrence Kessler, is a highly regarded expert in the field of ultrasonics and imaging systems. Dr. Kessler is committed to the continuous development of AMI technologies through educational programs, client application reviews and new system development.

This dedication to AMI is the core of Sonoscan. We continually strive to deliver Extraordinary Data Accuracy, Superior Image Quality and Unsurpassed Technical Expertise. The company also holds more US and Foreign Patents related to AMI technology than any other manufacturer. 

All in all, Sonoscan is your best insurance against costly production shutdowns, quarantined products and very disappointed customers.

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