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D9600Z™ C-SAM®
D9600™ C-SAM®
D9500™ C-SAM®

D9™ Series C-SAM®
Maximum Flexibility for Detailed
Lab Inspections

The D9™ Series represents the modern standard for laboratory C-SAM instruments, specializing in failure analysis, process development, material characterization and low volume production inspection. Amply loaded with today's most advanced software, these instruments incorporate robust and accurate scanning features and expansive user conveniences to raise the performance level for laboratory acoustic microscopes. The D9 Series operates in both reflection and transmission modes, ensuring that all types of defects are correctly identified with the highest quality acoustic images available. The D9 Series makes scanning larger samples and trays of samples fast, easy and incredibly accurate.

D9600Z™ C-SAM®

D9600™ C-SAM®

D9500™ C-SAM®

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