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About the D9000:

Standard Features include:
Time Domain Imaging (TDI)™
Balanced Linear Scanner
• Visual Acoustics™ interface
• Applications Set-up Wizard™
Quantitative B-Scan Analysis Mode (Q-BAM)™
• C-SAM Interactive™ Support

Customizable options include:
Digital Image Analysis (DIA)™
Virtual Rescanning Mode (VRM)™
Waterfall Transducer™
Frequency Domain Imaging (FDI)™
• Multi-Language OS (English, Japanese,
  traditional Chinese)
• Temperature Control options

D9000™ C-SAM©
The Gold Standard in Acoustic Microscopes

For failure analysis, process development, material characterization and other lab needs, the D9000 delivers advanced capabilities. Operating in both reflection and transmission modes, the D9000 delivers maximum flexibility for detailed inspections.

Using Sonoscan’s proprietary transducers and employing the widest range of patented features and unique scanning modes, the D9000 delivers highly accurate, high resolution and high quality acoustic images.

For moisture-sensitive devices, the system can be easily fitted with Sonoscan’s proprietary Waterfall Transducer™, eliminating the need for an immersion tank.

A large scan area, a patented, inertially balanced, vibration-free scanning mechanism, and timesaving features such as Simultaneous Transmission and Reflection (STaR)™ mode make scanning larger samples and trays of samples fast, easy and incredibly accurate.

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