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• SECS-II / GEM (SEMI E30) and SMEMA compliant

• Non-immersion scanning using Sonoscan’s WaterFall™ or WaterPlume™ transducers, minimizing risks of contamination, fluid ingression and movement due to floating of parts

• Automated Data Analysis Package allows you to pre-define Accept/Reject criteria and automatically indicates rejected parts within the data image or file

• Vacuum Hold Down option to stabilize small parts in place during scan to ensure the highest quality images

• Separate drying chamber with up to four oscillating air knives and optional heat to quickly and efficiently dry parts after scanning

• Doubles as a full feature analytical tool

• Incredible throughput achieved with optional independent second scanner

• Numerous configuration options including JEDEC trays, Auer Boat and IGBT modules

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FACTS²™ DF2400™ C-SAM®
The Go-To Solution for Defect-Free Production Without Sacrificing Throughput

The FACTS²™ delivers state-of-the-art, automated in-line inspection for quality and process control. Delivering high throughput with minimal operator interaction, FACTS² simultaneously inspects two trays or modules with precision of ± 0.5 microns and utilizes multiple scan heads, improving throughput between two and seven times that of previous tools.

FACTS²™ automatically inspects parts in JEDEC trays or Auer Boat carriers as part of an in-line process, ideal for high volume production environments. In addition, the FACTS² can also handle lead frame strips, IGBT power modules, multi-layer ceramic chip capacitors, flip chips and other components. The scanners utilize linear motor drives and mechanisms that virtually eliminate vibration by inertial balancing. Eliminating vibration and sample motion during scans allows for very narrow and precise layers of the samples to be isolated, gated and analyzed. This delivers the industry’s fastest image acquisition times.

Once inspected, trays are moved to the drying chamber while a new inspection begins. Any previously hidden internal packaging defects, including voids, disbonds, delaminations and cracks, are clearly identified. Batch and lot data can be accessed either as images or tabulated analysis data from spreadsheets and tray maps. If desired, accept/reject criteria can be set to identify defective components within the data automatically. Defects can also be sorted into various categories based on your specific quality standards.

Equipped with our industry preferred Sonolytics software platform and an SECS-II/GEM E30 interface—allowing for data to be tracked electronically via instrument-to-host communications in your factory environment, the FACTS² delivers the fastest automation inspection with maximum flexibility and is the ideal solution for production environments.

Download FACTS²™ DF2400™ Brochure PDF

FACTS² DF2300™ Instrument
Still in Production

As Sonoscan transitions to the next-generation FACTS², we will continue to offer the previous production model. The FACTS² line of instruments delivers state-of-the-art, automated AMI inspection, however some features differ between the models. For details on the past FACTS² model, download the brochure below and contact your Sonoscan sales representative for more information.

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