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• A unique carrier system enables operators to load one tray while another is being scanned to help maximize throughput and productivity

• Higher throughput achieved with better handling procedures, precise positioning, faster scanning and automated analysis.

• Visual Poly-Gate™ technology for simple and instant multiple depth AM imaging

• Multi-Language OS and intuitive Sonolytics™ Operator Interface with admin/op levels allows technicians and operators to work easily and efficiently in their native language. Includes English, Chinese and Japanese

• Ergonomic features including two available work surface height choices for operator comfort and efficiency

• Minimal footprint for optimum use on the manufacturing floor

Fastline™ P300™ C-SAM®
Maximum Throughput, Minimal Footprint
The FastLine™ P300™ Acoustic Microscope is specifically designed for accelerated inspection throughput in manual screening of microelectronic devices on the manufacturing floor. With an integrated design to minimize footprint, the FastLine is the new platform for Acoustic Microscopes.

Every detail of the FastLine™ P300™ was engineered to match the way customers use Acoustic Microscopes for non automated production and process control. Simultaneous loading and scanning with Sonoscan’s unique carrier system allows one JEDEC style tray or reference tray to be scanned while a second tray is being safely loaded. The whole inspection process (handling, scanning and analysis) was considered, yielding the highest possible throughput.

The new, more ergonomic design helps maximize productivity and improves the overall operator experience while minimizing the instrument footprint. FastLine™ P300™’s new Sonolytics™ Operator Interface, designed with the operator in mind, allows technicians to work with simplified and expanded features for production/process use in multiple languages.

In addition, FastLine™ P300™ features a new electronics platform to meet current and next generation applications. New Movement Map™ technology delivers precise transducer positioning, while the Visual Poly-Gate™ mode allows for simple and instant multiple depth imaging. These innovative features along with the higher speed scanning mechanism make the FastLine™ P300™ system essential for any production line application.

Download FastLine™ P300™ Brochure PDF

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