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Virtual Rescanning Mode (VRM)™ stores comprehensive data and enables you to perform a complete analysis of a sample, even when it is no longer available

TurboSpeed™ provides faster imaging speeds at high frequencies with up to 2.5X increased image acquisition speed with high pixel densities

Digital Image Analysis (DIA)™ uses advanced algorithms to quantify the acoustic data and allows you to set accurate, automatic, accept/reject criteria

• ESD safe and Clean Room ready

• Open access scanning area makes loading and unloading easy and is capable of scanning two JEDEC trays or a 300mm wafer

Inertially Balanced Linear Motor Scanner with counterweight to minimize vibrations and ensure optimal scanning results

• Multi-Language OS and Visual Acoustics™ Interface allows technicians and operators to work in their native language. Includes English, Chinese and Japanese
Gen5™ C-SAM®
A Revolution in Acoustic Micro Imaging
The Gen5™ C-Mode Scanning Acoustic Microscope (C-SAM) takes acoustic scanning to a higher level through advanced features and improved ergonomics.

The Gen5 delivers a broad range of capabilities. Whether your needs are for non-destructive failure analysis of a flip chip or bonded wafer, process development, R&D, high-rel qualification for a military application, or medium-volume screening of a batch of smart cards, the Gen5 can meet all of your demands.

Advanced Sonoscan capabilities such as Virtual Rescanning Mode (VRM™), TurboSpeed™ and available Frequency Domain Imaging (FDI™) add value and confidence. With its large, easy-access, illuminated scanning area, the Gen5 has the capability to efficiently scan anything from a single part, to a 300 mm wafer, to up to two full JEDEC trays.

In addition to being packed with leading Sonoscan features, the Gen5 was carefully designed with the user in mind. Its ergonomic features make it comfortable and convenient to use. Its advanced applications software and intelligent design help maximize results while saving operator time. Plus, its open access and illuminated sample stage allow for easier loading and unloading of samples. The Gen5 delivers a package of C-SAM technology, ergonomics and advanced Sonoscan-developed features that will help you build higher quality products.

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