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Sonoscan Instruments
From the laboratory to the production floor, Sonoscan’s advanced acoustic microscope tools and technology will help
you build higher quality products. Sonoscan instruments represent an unmatched level of technical expertise and come
with superior customer service and support.
Production Instruments
Lab Instruments
FastLine™ P300

A compact acoustic microscope designed specifically to deliver maximum production and process control throughput on the factory floor.
FastLine Gen6

The new generation in C-SAM® technology innovation, featuring cutting-edge technology and unparalleled capabilities that take acoustic imaging to the next level.


A state-of-the-art quality control instrument that delivers high-resolution acoustic micro imaging at production speeds, with minimal operator interaction.

An innovative acoustic microscope that delivers a broad range of capabilities and advanced features.

AW™ Series

An advanced series of instruments which automatically handle, inspect and sort bonded wafers based on operator-selected accept/reject criteria.
AW Series D9™ Series

Setting the new standard for AMI, these instruments deliver unmatched accuracy and robustness for failure analysis, process development and material characterization.

A huge 24” x 24” scanning area perfectly suited for large area samples, component inspection on PC boards and multiple JEDEC trays.
Sonoscan can also build custom systems to meet your exact specifications.
Demonstration Systems for Sale


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Image Quality

Imaging Modes

Advanced Features