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Internal Voids, Underfill Defects and Popcorn Cracks

Failure Analysis

SonoLab offers a wide variety of failure analysis services using the most advanced, high-resolution acoustic micro imaging technologies. Employing the most talented, dedicated and experienced acoustic applications engineers of any resource, SonoLab is the recognized standard for nondestructive failure analysis.

AMI images reveal much more about the causes of failure than other methods such as x-ray or infrared imaging. Acoustic data generated at SonoLab is often the critical piece needed for solving critical component failure issues. In addition, AMI images can provide powerful insights prior to performing destructive physical analysis.

SonoLab personnel will provide you with a detailed, illustrated report, as well as a verbal confirmation regarding your component’s internal features and failure mechanism. We can also help you with materials characterization and improved processes to prevent similar failures in the future.
Ceramic disk with internal void
Flip chip with underfill defects
Popcorn crack within plastic encapsulated integrated circuit
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