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Data Accuracy
Sonoscan’s proprietary signal processing algorithms provide the most dependable and accurate assessments. Our advanced Acoustic Impedance Polarity Detector (AIPD)™ will allow you to reliably detect delaminations as thin as 200 Angstroms. In addition, a Sonoscan acoustic image can have more than 256 MegaPixels depending upon the size of the scan and the pixel density (resolution). This extraordinary data accuracy is one of the reasons that Sonoscan is typically the last word in failure analysis issues.

And while accurate data is extremely important, making it useful for decision making is essential. So Sonoscan provides advanced tools and features to turn accurate data into actionable information. A variety of analysis functions help identify defects and determine their significance. A wide range of color maps accentuate the details and features within the AMI image. And, Sonoscan’s Digital Image Analyzer (DIA)™ uses advanced algorithms to qualify the data and help you establish automatic accept/reject criteria.
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