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Silicon Subsurface Image
Test results demonstrating extremely small details
deep within silicon (as measured in microns).
Image Quality
The image quality produced by an acoustic microscope is critically dependent upon the imaging lens. Because the tranducer/lens is such an important component, we make it ourselves. In fact, Sonoscan is the only AMI company with its own transducer/lens R&D lab and fabrication facility.

The off-the-shelf transducers found in other AMI equipment can’t match Sonoscan’s unique, proprietary characteristics. Sonoscan transducers are specifically developed for AMI analysis, and deliver maximum resolution and penetration. Sonoscan offers the broadest range of standard and custom ultra-high-frequency transducers, and also provides the know-how to optimize resolution and contrast for specific applications. 

All lenses undergo a transducer calibration test to verify resolution and ensure optimal performance. Sonoscan’s ultra-high-frequency transducers are capable of delivering a resolution as high as 7 microns. The image results seen here verify the superior resolution of Sonoscan manufactured transducers.
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