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Faster, Flexible, Automated Acoustic Scanning of Components, January 14, 2014
Sonoscan® has begun shipping its new Model DF2400™ in its FACTS2™ line of C-SAM® acoustic microscopes. ...More

Power Modules Get Their Own Upside-Down C-SAM System, December 2, 2013
Sonoscan has shipped the first of its new D9600Z™ C-SAM systems. ...More

Digital Image Analysis Toolbox from Sonoscan, July 8, 2013
Sonoscan announces its enhanced Digital Image Analysis Toolbox used for automated acoustic analysis of individual IC components...More

Acoustic Imaging of 3D IC and Die Stacks Made Easier with Sonoscan Simulation Software, July 12, 2012
3D IC and Stacked die configurations are often difficult to image with an acoustic microscope because the multiple internal surfaces send back so many echoes...More

Sonoscan's New Lab Model C-SAM Acoustic Microscope, July 10, 2012
Sonoscan has unveiled its newest Lab Model D9600 C-SAM acoustic micro imaging system, specifically designed to serve as a general-purpose tool...More

Good Reviews for Sonoscan's Gen6 Acoustic Microscope, April 12, 2012
Last July, when Sonoscan introduced its Gen6 high-end laboratory acoustic microscope, the designers of the microscope were eager to see reports from the field....More

Sonoscan's New High-End Lab Acoustic Microscope System, July 11, 2011
Today at the Semicon West show in San Francisco, Sonoscan announced the availability of the Gen6 C-SAM acoustic micro imaging system....More

Sonoscan Shipping 2X Throughput 300 mm Wafer Scanner, May 26, 2011
Sonoscan has begun shipping its automated 300 mm bonded wafer inspection system that simultaneously scans two wafers and gives users double the throughput of other systems....More

Viewing Nondestructively in 60-Micron Slices, April 12, 2011
Sonoscan has demonstrated the single-scan imaging of a sample at 50 different depths, or gates. The technique, called PolyGate, yields 50 images that show internal features at each depth.... More

High-Speed Acoustic Microscope Well Received, July 16, 2010
The introduction at Semicon of Sonoscan's high-throughput FastLineT C-SAM acoustic microscope has brought praise from potential users of the system.... More

Accelerated Manual Inspection System, July 7, 2010
At the upcoming Semicon West Show (July 13-15), Sonoscan will introduce it's new FastLine Acoustic Microscope. Specifically designed for accelerated inspection throughput in manual screening of microelectronic devices.... More

MEMS Cavity Seal Integrity, May 12, 2010
As part of its bonded wafer inspection  technology, Sonoscan has recently demonstrated acoustic imaging of defects in the seal that surrounds and protects the cavities in MEMS devices. The defects most frequently... More

Mil/Aero Reliability Inspection for Latent Defects, March 2, 2010
Sonoscan has publicly announced Sonoscan Critical Evaluation™ (SCE), a confidential service that acoustically inspects critical electronic components such as hybrids, capacitors and plastic-encapsulated microcircuits used in military and aerospace systems. The service became active in mid-2009. More

Sonoscan Expands Counterfeit Identification Menu, January 26, 2010
SonoLab®, the applications laboratory division of Sonoscan, has recently developed analytical techniques that bring to 25 the number of acoustically detectable features and characteristics used to separate counterfeit plastic IC packages from genuine packages.

IEEE Rayleigh Award to Sonoscan's Dr. Kessler, October 13, 2009
On September 21 in Rome, Italy, Sonoscan president Dr. Lawrence W. Kessler received the prestigious Rayleigh Award presented by the Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control (UFFC) Society of the IEEE. Each year a recipient is selected on the basis of achievements in research, education, publications, and technical innovations.

Effective Acoustic Microscope Imaging of Stacked Die, July 21, 2009
Sonoscan Inc., has announced that its SonoLab® division is offering a new service that provides greatly enhanced acoustic microscope imaging of stacked die assemblies. The new service, available immediately, uses Sonoscan's proprietary software developed over the last two (2) years.

Sonoscan to Demonstrate “Operator Free” 300mm Wafer Handler at Semicon West,
May 14, 2009
Sonoscan, Inc., will demonstrate the functionality of its new AW300™ series robotic bonded wafer handler at Semicon West in San Francisco’s Moscone Center from July 14 to July 16. The new system extends the 10-year legacy of Sonoscan's Automated Wafer (AW) inspection systems, the first of which was made in 1999, based on C-SAM® proven technology.

Sonoscan Office/Laboratory Moves To Fudan University, March 15, 2009
By invitation, Sonoscan has relocated its Shanghai headquarters office and its applications laboratory to a new facility associated with Fudan University. The new facility will concentrate on microelectronics and materials applications in space shared with Shanghai FALAB Test Technology Co.

Sonoscan Announces Acoustic Microscopy Webinar Series, March 12, 2009
Sonoscan, the industry leader in Acoustic Micro Imaging, today announced a new webinar series. Topics will range from the basics of the technology to more advanced techniques, theory and applications. The webinars are free and will be taught by Sonoscan’s dedicated acoustic applications engineers.

Sonoscan Announces Asian Regional Service Manager, October 14, 2008
Sonoscan, Inc., the designer and manufacturer of advanced acoustic microscopy systems, has announced the promotion of TsungHan (Lomen) Lee to Asian Regional Service Manager.  Mr. Lee will operate out of Sonoscan’s office in the Zhang Jiang Hi-Tech Park in Shanghai, China. Mr. Lee brings 8 years of field service experience with Sonoscan to his new position in China.  

Sonoscan Announces Advanced Thickness Measurement Method, September 30, 2008
In a joint effort with a large component supplier to the cellular and video industries, Sonoscan has developed an acoustic micro imaging technique that accurately measures the thickness of the bondline of the heat spreader adhesive in advanced microprocessor assemblies, even when the bondline is so thin that individual echoes cannot be separated.  

Sonoscan Launches HiRes Generation THRU-Scan, July 1, 2008
Sonoscan has introduced the HiRes Generation THRU-Scan™, which significantly enhances through-transmission imaging with Sonoscan’s C-SAM® line of acoustic microscopes.  

Sonoscan Introduces Acoustic Profiling Module, March 24, 2008
Sonoscan has introduced a new capability for its line of C - SAM acoustic microscopes that reveals the external surface topography of a device at the same time as its internal features.  Known as the Acoustic Surface Profile (ASP) module, this important mode can be used to measure warpage of plastic integrated circuits, flip chips, substrates, circuit boards, etc., without any sample preparation.  

Automated Bonded Wafer Inspection Tool From Sonoscan, December 7, 2007
Sonoscan has introduced the AW200™ Series C-SAM® acoustic micro imaging system, which performs automated inspection, analysis and sorting of bonded wafers up to 200mm (8 in.) in diameter

Sonoscan Lab Aids In Investigation for "Dan Rather Reports," November 12, 2007
Sonoscan’s Silicon Valley applications laboratory (SSV) in Santa Clara, CA was selected recently to appear in an episode of HDNet’s “Dan Rather Reports” dealing with the testing of composite materials. 

Sonoscan Updates Its "Gold Standard" C-SAM® System, July 5, 2007
Sonoscan today unveiled the new D-9500™ update of its popular C-SAM® acoustic microscope system. The contemporary D-9500 replaces the widely used “gold standard” D-9000 system in Sonoscan’s line-up, and like the D-9000 excels in failure analysis, product development, material characterization and low-volume production.

Sonoscan Shows Delamination Breakthrough, May 16, 2007
Sonoscan has demonstrated that some delaminations in plastic IC packages contain not only air but also a fluid contaminant, and that such 2-part delaminations can be imaged and characterized by C-SAM® acoustic microscope systems.

Sonoscan Names Sales Manager for China, April 13, 2007
Sonoscan, Inc., the designer and manufacturer of advanced acoustic microscopy systems, has announced the appointment of Ginny Ho as Regional Sales Manager with responsibility for China and Hong Kong. More

Sonoscan Expands Transducer Fab & Optimization, March 27, 2007
Sonoscan, Inc., the designer, developer and manufacturer of acoustic microscopes, has recently expanded its transducer operation, where new ultra-high frequency ultrasonic transducers used in the microscopes are designed and optimized.

Sonoscan's Dr. Kessler Receives OECE Award, February 15, 2007
Dr. Lawrence W. Kessler, Founder, CEO and President of Sonoscan, Inc., has received the Outstanding Electrical and Computer Engineer (OECE) award from Purdue University.

Sonoscan Ships New Gen5™ C-SAM® Model, January 15, 2007
Sonoscan today announced that the first shipments of the Gen5™ Scanning Acoustic Microscope were made during their most recent fiscal quarter.  This newest addition to the family of C-SAM® C-Mode instruments was initially introduced at the Semicon West show in July, 2006.  Due to its enthusiastic reception, development was completed and the first customer orders were accepted in late summer.

Sonoscan Expands FACTS2™ Production, December, 2006
Sonoscan has expanded and upgraded the assembly line that makes the FACTS2 automated acoustic microscope systems, which is widely used to identify and remove from production microelectronics components having hidden defects that can cause expensive field failures.

Sonoscan Ships New-Generation Wafer Inspection System, October, 2006
Sonoscan has just shipped the first of its newest next-generation automated bonded wafer inspection systems to a Pacific Rim customer.

Sonoscan Launches UPH-Turbo™ For High-Speed Scanning, September, 2006
Sonoscan, Inc., the designer and manufacturer of acoustic microscope systems, has introduced UPH-Turbo™, a new method of acoustic scanning that gives greater units-per-hour throughput for both automated and manual Sonoscan systems.

Sonoscan Receives Patent For Frequency Domain Imaging, July, 2006
Sonoscan, Inc., the developer and manufacturer of acoustic microscope systems, has been issued U.S. Patent #6,890,302 that gives engineers a new tool for diagnosing packaging defects. This is one of several patents issued to Sonoscan in the past year.

Sonoscan Granted Patent On Virtual Rescanning Acoustic Microscope, April, 2006
Sonoscan, Inc., the designer and maker of acoustic microscope systems, has been granted US Patent #6,895,820 covering the firm’s Virtual Rescanning Module™ (VRM™).

Sonoscan Sees Automation Driving Demand For Mass Component Screening, March, 2006
The need for highly automated electronic production, along with higher expectations for product reliability, are driving the demand for automated acoustic imaging of flip chips and plastic integrated circuit packages, Sonoscan, Inc., the maker of acoustic microscope systems, has reported.


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