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AMI Overview
Imaging Modes
Advanced Features
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Advanced Features
Sonoscan scientists and engineers work closely with the applications development team to continually develop advanced systems and techniques. The result is unrivaled technology supported by multiple patents.

All in all, Sonoscan’s advanced features provide you with better results, improved efficiency, and a higher level of analysis.
Features include:
Safely and efficiently tests products (i.e. IGBT Power Modules prior to encapsulation) using a non-immersion scanning configuration that keeps the top surface of a sample dry utilizing a column of water from underneath.
WaterPlume Inverted Scanner

Simplifies the imaging of very complex electronic parts involving stacked die or similar structures containing multiple thin layers.

Delivers the most accurate defect detection, and reliably detects delaminations as thin as 200 Angstroms.
Acoustic Impedance Polarity Detector (AIPD)T

Uses advanced algorithms to quantify the interface data and allows you to set accurate, automatic, accept/reject criteria.
Digital Image Analyzer (DIA)T

Collects and digitally stores comprehensive acoustic data enabling you to perform a complete analysis of a sample, even when it is no longer available.
Virtual Rescanning Mode (VRM)™

Allows you to select any single frequency or a range of frequencies to capture and utilize for imaging. FDI brings out subtle details that are not easily detected with conventional pulse-echo methods (Time Domain Imaging).
Frequency Domain Imaging (FDI)™

Another way of expressing any image that utilizes “time” as a reference, such as standard A-Scan, B-Scan and C-Mode type images, which are all based on time.
Time Domain Imaging (TDI)™

Delivers fast scanning without requiring immersion, ideal for production scanning and moisture-sensitive devices.
Waterfall Transducer™

Allow for very high speed, vibration-free scanning.
Inertial-Balanced Scanning Mechanisms

Considered to be a “Virtual Cross-section” of the sample.

Quantitative B-Scan Analysis Mode  (Q-BAM)™

Delivers imaging at ultra-high frequencies with application optimized transducers.
Proprietary Transducer Technology

Allows you to efficiently evaluate components in fewer scans. 
Simultaneous Transmission and Reflection Mode (STaR)™

Provides faster imaging speeds at high frequencies with up to 2.5X increased image acquisition speed (less time) at high pixel densities.

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