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Imaging Modes
Sonoscan’s wide variety of acoustic imaging modes helps further improve your results. The optimum viewing perspective, or imaging mode, is based on the orientation of a feature within a sample. In addition, multiple imaging modes are often used to provide an even more complete evaluation and to verify defects revealed in another mode.

For example, a cross-sectional view (Q-BAM), is the best method for viewing the orientation of various layers with respect to the top surface of a sample. To search an internal interface for delaminations, a planar view (C-Scan or interface scan) would be recommended. If you desire to view the body of a material for voids, inclusions and other inhomogeneities that are not necessarily located at a known depth, a volumetric view (bulk scan or 3V) reveals the highest contrast.  

Each imaging mode presents unique information, and using multiple modes provides an even more thorough evaluation of the part. For example, a delamination detected using the C-Scan mode can be verified and further analyzed using the THRU-Scan™ mode. 

Modes available on Sonoscan acoustic microscopes are shown in these illustrations. Shaded areas indicate the inspection plane.

Click on a mode to learn more and to view an example of actual scan results.
A-Scan C-Mode Bulk-Scan Multi-Scan
Q-Bam B-Scan Surface-Scan UltraBoard
THRU-Scan 3V 3D TOF Tray-Scan

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