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AMI Overview
Imaging Modes
Advanced Features
Technology Applications
3D virtual volumetric view

Benefits of AMI

Locates hidden flaws before they lead to failures
Detects delaminations as thin as 200 Angstroms
• I
solates material property variations
Measures material density, porosity, inclusions,
cracks and voids
• Assesses thermal, impact and fatigue damage
Sonoscan Technology
Acoustic Microscopy (also known as Acoustic Micro Imaging or AMI)’s outstanding benefit is its ability to find hidden defects within assemblies and materials that can occur during manufacturing or environmental testing. Defects such as delaminations, voids and cracks can be identified and analyzed more effectively using Acoustic Microscopy than with any other inspection method.

Unlike other non-destructive techniques such as X-Ray and Infrared Imaging, Acoustic Microscopy is highly sensitive to the elastic properties of the materials it travels through. Because of this, the ability of Acoustic Microscopy to find and characterize these physical defects is clearly superior. Typical applications include production control, failure analysis, and product development.

Sonoscan offers various Imaging Modes, allowing the operator to gain the optimal viewing perspective based on the orientation of the feature within the sample. In addition, Sonoscan’s proprietary advanced features deliver the optimum images, highest efficiencies and best results.
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